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Gagel's installs and services a variety of heating systems for different applications in various types of buildings. Depending upon your needs, either of the two following heating systems will out-perform conventional unit heaters.



The COMBUSTION RESEARCH CORPORATION heating concept is much like the sun but controlled and refined. Infra-red energy is reflected or directed downward. The reflected energy changes to heat when it contacts objects and people. Hence, the name Reflect-O-Ray ...the original sealed (1) dry tube (2) low intensity (3) vacuum vented (4) infra-red radiant (5) aluminized steel (6) heating system ... accept no substitutes.

Patented Reflect-O-Ray Features:

  1. Sealed: no air replacement/no drafts or dust movement.
  2. Dry Tube: elimination of corrosive condensation causing replacement.
  3. Low Intensity: efficient and even heating.
  4. Vacuum Vented: no combustion contaminants exhausted into area.
  5. Infra-Red Radiant: 50% to 75% savings over conventional systems.
  6. Aluminized Steel: For long life. The aluminized steel used to construct the radiant tube assures a long, maintenance free tube life.

Virtually No Maintenance: no filters to change.

NG/LP/Oil Fired Infared Systems

Sealed infra-red radiant heating can solve your commercial heating problems. Simple zone control allows you to heat an entry way or loading dock area easily and efficiently. Donít waste your expensive energy dollars heating the air! Use radiant energy to comfortably heat everything in the area below - machinery, tools and people.

cambridge engineering s-series industrial space heater

S-Series Industrial Space Heater

Used to heat both new and existing facilities including: warehouses, distribution centers, automotive service facilities, car washes, aircraft hangars, factories, and other commercial/industrial facilities

Can be applied as:

  • A unique induced rotating air system
  • A perimeter heating system for larger facilities
  • A push/pull system when mechanical exhaust is required
  • An air neutralization or air pressurization system

Enhanced Comfort with Improved Indoor Air Quality: The high velocity discharge air from the S-Series Heater, provides large volumes of fresh, warm air flowing throughout the building which eliminates higher ceiling temperatures and uncomfortable drafts. The S-Series Heater utilizes 100% Fresh Air™ to dilute contaminants generated within the building. This virtually eliminates problems associated with conventional air recirculation heating systems.

Designed for Maximum Operating Efficiency (Elevation View)…

…Engineered to your facility. (Plan View)

You want the best heating and ventilating equipment that meets your desired temperature & ventilation requirements at the lowest total cost!

The total cost of any and all Space Heating or Make-Up Air Systems is the sum of three cost categories.

  • Initial Equipment Purchase Price
  • Gas Piping
  • Electrical Power and Control Wiring
  • Labor
  • Roof Penetrations Structural Supports
  • Interference with Other Racking or Facility Operations
  • Successful Equipment Start-Up
  • Fuel Costs: Gas, Oil, Steam
  • Electrical Costs: Motor Usage & Demand Charges
  • System Efficiency: Direct Gas Fired, Indirect Gas-Fired, Steam
  • Maintenance Parts, Labor, Reliability, Serviceability
  • Facility Impact Costs: Indoor Air Quality, Gain/Loss of Floor Space, Reduced Downtime, Employee Comfort/Productivity, Meeting Building Codes.

Question: How can heating 100% fresh air with Cambridge heaters be efficient?
Answer: All heating systems must heat outside air entering the building via natural infiltration. The Cambridge system manages infiltration by supplying more BTUs per cfm than other heating systems. Additionally, with Cambridge heaters there is no flue loss as with other indirect-fired equipment.

Question: What's the big deal about 160°F temperature rise/discharge temperature?
Answer: The maximum 160ºF temperature rise/discharge temperature rating is crucial because it translates into lower horsepower motors, less outside air and reduced energy costs.

Question: Will 160°F discharge air stratify?
Answer: Due to our high velocity discharge air, we are able to drive the heat to the floor resulting in a rapid mixing with surrounding air. Floor to ceiling variation typically does not exceed 3° F to 5° F.

Question: Why doesn't Cambridge re-circulate existing building air?
Answer: The Cambridge design with high temperature rise/discharge and intermittent operation, delivers the maximum useable heat without the need for re-circulation. This also reduces the potential build-up of contaminated building air. Therefore, the non-recirculating Cambridge S-Series Space Heater is both safer and more energy efficient than "80/20" recirculation type systems.

Question: How can Cambridge S-Series Space Heaters be competitive against conventional unit heaters?
Answer: Simply compare the total installed cost of both heating systems:

  • Equipment cost
  • Equipment installation
  • Gas piping
  • Electrical wiring

Or compare operation costs:

  • 20 to 40% energy savings per year with Cambridge

Let the professionals at Gagel's solve your problem heating areas. In the last 45 years, we’ve installed many systems in various commercial buildings and retail stores. Now let us help you.

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cambridge engineering s-series industrial space heater