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Geothermal Heating and Cooling, or Geoexchange is an extremely efficient, environmentally friendly way to heat and cool your home or business. Gagel's has installed over 500 geothermal systems in West Central Ohio since 1981. Heating and cooling bills are reduced by an average of 40% to 70% with Geothermal, while reducing the air pollution created by traditional heating and cooling methods.

We install 3 types of Geothermal Systems:

Open Loop: a geothermal system that uses ground water from a well or a pond as a heat source.
Closed Loop: a geothermal system that uses a loop of buried plastic pipe as a heat exchanger.
Direct Expansion: a geothermal system that uses a coil of buried copper tubing as a heat exchanger.

Some Geothermal systems use an Open Loop that collects well water from below the ground. This well water is continually moved from the well to your home and then returned to the ground through one of several environmentally responsible alternatives.

During the winter, the Closed Ground Loop will collect heat from your backyard or pond and carry it to your house. Once inside your home, this heat loop will be mechanically concentrated through a refrigerant cycle. This concentrated heat will then be circulated throughout your house at approximately 100°F, keeping every room in your home warm and comfortable.

And during the summer, this process will be reversed. Your Geothermal system will remove heat from your house and use the refrigerant cycle and ground loop to exchange this heat with the cooler temperature of your yard or pond. Then, your Geothermal system will return cooled air to your home, keeping you and your family comfortable throughout the cooling season.

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The Earth is like a "solar battery" absorbing nearly half of the sun’s energy. The ground stays a relatively constant temperature throughout the seasons, providing a warm heat source in the winter and a cool heat sink in the summer.

Geothermal systems can be installed with ductwork systems (warm air) or with hot water (hydronic) systems in new or existing homes. Many area electric companies offer special rebates and/or rate discounts when installing a dual fuel system which uses the geothermal system as the main heating source and a fossil fuel furnace or boiler as a supplement in extremely cold weather conditions.

Federal Tax Credits

BOSCHGagel's installs BOSCH geothermal products for the water source geothermal equipment, featuring the Copeland scroll compressor with a cupronickel coaxial heat exchanger which assures maximum efficiency and long life. All units also offer a hot water heating coil to reduce your heating cost by 50%.

CP/CE Series

Contains no CFC's or HCFC's. It utilizes environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant.

  1. Heavy gauge Galvalume® plus finish cabinet with corrosion resistant aluminum-zinc alloy and a clear acrylic coating for additional protection
  2. Liquid line filter drier to eliminate potential moisture. (Not visible in photo)
  3. Whisper quiet high efficiency Copeland Scroll Compressors in all models.
  4. Stainless steel drain pans for corrosion protection.
  5. Air coils are oversized, rifled copper tube/lanced aluminum fin for high efficiency and are epoxy coated for enhanced corrosion protection.
  6. Insulated water heat-exchanger prevents condensation at low temperature operation.
  7. Optional factory installed and wired emergency electric heater.
  8. Optional factory installed internal heat recovery system that can provide virtually free domestic hot water.
  9. Four sided filter rack for tight seal and easy filter access. Vertical and counterflow models only.

CE Series

  • ECM (Electronically Commutated Motor) Fan Motor - The field proven-efficiency and reliability of the GE ECM technology now makes it possible to bring increased energy savings and precision speed control to your CE heat pump.
  • Ultra-High Efficiency - The ECM motor is 20% to 30% more efficient than a standard motor.
  • Constant Airflow - Constant airflow is critical to providing the greatest level of performance and comfort. Because of the unique design of the ECM motor, the desired airflow can be maintained under a wide range of operating conditions.
  • Ultra-Quiet Operation - The soft start feature allows the motor to ramp up to speed eliminating the abrupt change in sound when the unit cycles on or off.

BOSCH manufactures a complete line of geothermal equipment, including the CP/CE series described above plus a full line of two stage systems, including the CE series. Split system, ideal for adding on to existing furnaces, water to water units, large roof top units, and commercial units up to 60 tons in size.

Earth Loops

Gagel's offers Earth Loop options by Earth Linked Technologies. Earth Loops enable direct exchange of thermal energy with the earth. Standard refrigeration tubing is used because of its high thermal conductivity. The loops are designed in three different configurations (vertical, horizontal & diagonal) to meet most new and retrofit applications. This allows for the selection of the most economical loop configuration for each installation.

If space limitations or poor water quality make the installation of a water source geothermal system not practical, Gagel's will install a direct expansion earth link system by Earth Linked Technologies. This highly efficient ARI rated system is more easily installed where space availability is a problem.

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