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The Basics of Hybrid Heating

The heat pump heats your home on the mild days. The furnace heats your home on the extreme cold days. Information has shown that there are more mild days for heating than extreme cold days here in Central Ohio.

The heat pump will heat your home (using electricity) until it can no longer supply enough heat. After that, the furnace will take over using natural gas (propane/oil) until outdoor temperatures become mild again.

Mild Day Heating – (Columbus, OH)
*67% of yearly heating hours are above 35 degrees.

Heat pump workload at 35 degree balance is 70% of the yearly heating hours.

Cold Day Heating – (Columbus, OH)
Furnace workload at 35 degrees balance is 30% of the yearly heating hours.

Hybrid Heating provides you an opportunity to pay the lowest possible energy bills even though rates continue to rise.

Long Run Times Are the Key!

Hybrid Heating assures your system will have longer run times. Your Heating & Cooling system is designed for long run times, like a car driving on the highway. Just like city driving is harder on your car, short run times are harder on your system. This maximizes the comfort in your home by better controlling humidity and maintaining consistent temperatures. Long run times also help to extend your system's life, and gives you the opportunity to keep your money in your pocket.

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