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The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 was signed into law on February 16, 2009, opening the door for heating, air conditioning and indoor air quality customers to receive expanded tax credits. Only the Geothermal systems still qualify, with the 30% tax credit applying to the installed costs of qualifying geo systems.

Qualifying geothermal products are not subject the $500 credit limit.
A full 30% credit may be taken on the entire cost of the geothermal improvement. In addition, geothermal products have a longer term, expiring December 31, 2016.

How to get the credit:

Use IRS Form 5695 to file for the credit. It is strongly recommended that you consult with a qualified CPA and keep all records and receipts of purchases.


Geothermal Systems

Closed Loop

Open Loop

Direct Exp.

30% with no limit =>

17.1 EER
COP 3.6
21.1 EER
COP 4.1
16 EER
COP 3.6
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